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Hochreiter biogas has been building economic and reliably operating biogas plants for 30 years.

To ensure that this remains so, and that you as the owner continue to enjoy your investment, we would like to offer you our technical services. We offer these services for CHP (also from other manufacturers) and for agitators, pumps and other technical components. If there are any problems in the operation of your system, we are at your disposal.

If the required parts are in stock, we can usually solve the problem within 24 hours. Otherwise, we obtain the spare parts as quickly as possible and correct the problem promptly. In addition to the spare parts warehouse at its headquarters in Schnaitsee, we have a further spare parts warehouse in Donaueschingen at one of our service partners.

Here we store spare parts and consumables for CHPs, and other wearing parts that could be urgently needed for other system components. Thus we can also take care of biogas plants in Baden-Württemberg even more quickly and efficiently.

Do you require
technical services?

Then here are your contacts:


Sebastian Gröbner
Office 08074/91566-38


Behr Andreas
Office 08074/91566-30

Plant services:

Walter Konhäuser
Office 08074/91566-46


Scherr Manfred
Office 08074/91566-11

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