Sand scraper

Sand scraper – With discharge auger

In biogas plants with organic residues or laying poultry manure as input material, the entry of sand represents a problem. The sand falls out and sinks to the bottom. The fermenter solidifies and loses fermentation volume. This results in a shorter staying time and a consequential loss of fermentation.

To avoid this, Hochreiter has developed the sand scraper with discharge screw conveyor. This was developed over 15 years ago. This technique has now been revised and re-launched. The sand scraper is driven by a 1,35kW- motor and is therefore very economical. It clears the sand to the side, from where it is conveyed out of the fermenter.

Depending on requirements, the sand scraper is used at intervals or in continuous operation. Using this technique, sand entry in the biogas plant is reduced by 95 percent.

This has been repeatedly confirmed both by our German customers and further afield.


Technical data:

  • 1.35 kW drive power
  • main bearing as pendulum tube bearing
  • max. 16 meter diameter
  • Sand discharge screw with solid screw windings



  • extremely economical 1.35 kW motor
  • reduces up to 95% sand input
  • with discharge screw
  • suitable for interval or continuous operation


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