Pump technology

Reliable pump technology
The heart of a biogas plant

In order to transport manure from one place to another, pumps and pipes are indispensable. A centerpiece of the Hochreiter system is therefore the central pumping station, consisting of pump box and pump manifold bar. All containers are connected by processes.

The pump feeds the respective substrate to a pump manifold bar, from where it can be pumped to any location, such as the barrel-filling station or back to the fermenter.

Various measuring instruments can be installed in the line system – such as slurry flow meter, TS-meter or pH meter . This is a flexible and indispensable component for your biogas plant that will not create obstacles for future extensions.



  • 18.5 kW drive power
  • with 3 or 5 inlets DN300, up to 11 outlets DN150
  • pneumatic or manual gate valves
  • central pump station for flexible system operation
  • ready mounted and variously combinable


Available as:

  • Long shaft pump
  • eccentric screw pump
  • Rotary lobe pump

The central pump shaft or “monolith” fulfills the same functions as the pump box. The shaft, however, is open at the top and is often used in installations where smaller quantities of slurry are delivered or the shaft serves as a sump for the farm. The Monolith connects all containers with each other and can, by means of slides, be opened and closed. In this pump shaft there is a submerged cutting pump that is specifically constructed and designed for viscous substances.

The pump drive is located outside the Monolith (see figure) and is easily accessible for servicing.


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