Plant optimization

Optimise your existing biogas plant

The key to efficiency

A functioning biogas plant is the key to efficiency but also to enjoying your work. When it is no fun because your biogas plant is not running reliably and economically, a review various parameters of the system would be advisable. Tests have shown that in supposedly well-functioning systems, untapped potential still exists. This is evidenced among other things by a low degree of decomposition of biomass, or too much condensate in biogas.

The principal problem: “low level of biodegradation”!

With today’s commodity prices an unthinkable situation. Efficiency decreases and the entire biogas goes into the red within a year.

For example, if you operate as a biogas plant with only one fermenter and have no post-fermentation deposit, a test of the substrate for residual gas potential in the repository is strongly advisable.

We can tell you now that it will bring tears to your eyes when you find out how much has been turning into unfermented substrate in the repository during your biogas career to date.

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