Gas storage

Large gas storage for flexible plant operation.

Gas storage

Offset production peaks and deficits.
Ideal for demand-dependent operation!

The floating dome roof is now used in systems of all power ratings. This can be mounted on a firm base, or be used as a cover for repositories.

In the picture, the floating roof of the company’s own biogas plant in Stangern / Schnaitsee is shown. A supporting blower keeps the external weatherproof membrane stable and makes it insensitive to wind. The inner, invisible membrane serves as a buffer store for the biogas and is extended or lowered by the gas pressure.

Alternatively, an airbag can be installed above the CHP room. There it is protected from wind and weather, and thus accommodated without risk. The airbag also expands or contracts, depending on the gas pressure and filling level.

The level is measured with an ultrasonic sensor and displayed in the control cabinet. With this measurement, it is possible to control the production of electricity with the filling level.

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