Conditioning systems

Conditioning systems from industry pioneer.

As a pioneer in the industry, operator and owner of own biogas plants, Johann Hochreiter has a great deal of experience in the sector.
The advantage for customers is both in the planning and execution, as well as in achieving the highest possible profitability.

We don’t only think big …

We are glad that we do not need to convince our prospective customers to build large systems: we are even able to build installations with 30kW. Our extensive experience in the construction of small plants is your advantage.

Call us and ask about the “small” biogas plants by Hochreiter!

You can even download the description of the 150kWel biogas plant by Reinhard & Richard Hauser.

Anlagenskizze Kleinanlage Hochreiter - effektiv Gas und Energie gewinnen

System output of 500kW upwards…

The ring-in-ring system, developed by Hochreiter over 15 years ago, provides customers with more extensive possibilities.

The system can be built and driven, for example, by an initial 500kW. Add-on installation of a disposal facility and further CHPs is possible, allowing the plant to be expanded at low cost and with relatively little effort up to 2MWel. We would love to show you this in a diagram.

Here is a downloadable description of the biogas plant Kientz!

Biogas plants for waste recycling

In many countries, there is no reasonable recovery of organic waste such as organic waste, leftovers or production residues.

Very often these are deposited with the normal household waste. Gases arising from decomposition are released into the environment and eventually into the atmosphere.

The energy contained in the bio-waste is in this case disposed of unused.

Since Johann Hochreiter himself has operated biogas plants with biological waste for years, we use this knowledge to offer proven technology for waste recycling.

A well thought-out system design, combined with robust, universal technology, gives customers the ability to accept almost all types of waste and recycle it.

Bioabfallanlage - Strom und Gas aus Biomasse

The uptake of residual materials can either be from an oblique surface or directly into the dosing unit.

The dosing unit forwards waste for shredding. Packaging such as cans or bags are crushed and recycled.

The contaminants fall off partially and are automatically discharged.

The mixed substrate from organic waste and residual waste is transported in pre-fermenters by conveyor screws.

In the pre-fermenters, the substrate begins to ferment, producing biogas.

The residual waste remaining in the fermentation substrate is unloaded on the way to the main fermenter and deposited in waste containers.

The clean fermentation substrate then passes into the main fermenter where further fermentation takes place.

If residual materials such as offal, meat containing residues etc. are fermented, sanitization must take place.

This is an upstream or downstream process that can be easily inserted into the process chain described.

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