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    The Hochreiter projects at a glance

    On the map you will get an overview of all on our projects.

  • Biogas plant “France”

    Biogas plant in France
    electrical power: 1 MW
    digester and secondary digester 32m diameter and 7,20m height, both with supporting air roof
    feedstock: corn straw, cereal straw, cattle manure, pig manure and whey

    Woodgas plant “Griesstätt”

    Delivery of our third wood gas plant.
    The plant has an electrical output of 135 kW
    and is operated with two wood gasifiers.

    Biogas plant “Thessaloniki”

    Biogas plant in Thessaloniki, Greece
    electrical output: 999 kW installed capacity
    input: cattle slurry, cattle manure, blood, supermarket waste, fruit processing residues,
    commissioning: Nov. 2015

    Biogas plant “Seleda-Turkey”

    Biogas plant SELEDA Turkey
    4.3 MW electric power
    Year of construction 2017
    Input: cattle manure, chicken manure, corn straw, milk waste
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