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The operation of biogas plants is an ecologically sound and economically viable possibility of generating electricity and heat from renewable raw materials (RRM) and organic waste.
Two factors largely determine the profitability of a biogas plant: the number of full load hours of the CHP and the exploitation of the energy contained in the input substrate.
For the energy industry, it is therefore of interest to run their biogas plant at optimal output and prevent process upsets.

However, good gas yields in conjunction with an efficient use of input substrates can be achieved only when the bacteria-specific conditions for optimal operation of the fermentation process are strictly adhered to.

Even minor deviations can bring the fermentation process out of balance.

An “overfeeding” of the plant due to too high substrate entry into the fermenter can have drastic economic consequences.

In the worst of cases, this even means a costly restart of the entire biogas plant.

On the other hand, permanently “under-loading” the plant can incur significant financial losses due to loss of electricity and heat sales.

It is therefore necessary to obtain, through regular analytical studies of the fermenter contents, details of the most important chemical and physical parameters.

Only in this way the biology of the fermentation process can be controlled.

Our services include:

  • Biological process and procedural advice on site, through individual, personalised support of the plant operator
  • Sampling from the fermenter and silo.
    (Also possibility of sending substrate samples!)
  • Analysis of fermenter content from biogas plants in our own laboratory.
  • Interpretation of analytical results and logging data.
  • Creation of trend curves for process status and system efficiency.
  • Analysis to assess the energy value and the process compatibility of input substrates (e.g. silage, co-substrates, slurry, etc.).
  • Support for the commissioning of biogas plants.
  • Gas analyses (CH4, H2S).
  • Detection of gas leaks.
  • Substrate logistics.
  • Emergency services.

These clear advantages are yours for the taking!

We can pass on our extensive know-how stemming from many years of practical experience in operations management and process control of biogas plants and in plant management to you.

We analyse substrate samples quickly and cost–effectively.

Within two working days of receipt of samples at our in-house laboratory, you will receive your analytic results.

As part of a regular operational support of biological processes by the company econec this report includes an expert commentary on the current process status of the analysed fermenter, and an individual feed recommendation based on your substrate.

B I O G A S – This means, in short:

  • A high level of operational stability.
  • Reduction of commissioning times.
  • Optimisation of the fermentation process.
  • Increased gas production and quality.
  • Increased plant efficiency.
  • Improved substrate efficiency.

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