Agitators with extraordinary performance.


The paddle agitator is designed for digesters or end storages with changing liquid levels.

The large paddle, with its four-meter span, enables powerful and effective agitation. Because of this stirring power, the fermenter can also be agitated with fixed paddles. The agitator with float is mainly installed in end storages.

Existing fermenters and end storages can easily be retrofitted. Through the use of frequency converters, the stirring power can be varied and adapted to the circumstances. The result is low intrinsic power consumption with effective stirring action. It is driven by a 18.5 kW electric motor with triple planetary gear. A massive bearing block externally and large-sized bearings inside the tank ensure safe operation.

Paddle agitator

This slowly rotating paddle agitator for fermenters of 16 meters diameter and 5 metres deep can deal with practically any input material, no matter what the substrate or diameter.

Practical tests demonstrate that even fermentation substrates with a dry matter content of 12 percent are reliably mixed. Thanks to the enormous diameter and low speed, agitating power and energy consumption are kept in perfect balance.

The paddle agitator is infinitely adjustable via frequency transformers and the strong drive motor in combination with the powerful planetary gear provides lasting reliability.

Standing agitator

The also patented ” standing Steinauer agitator ” is designed for smaller containers and containers with changing liquid levels.

The large paddle stirs the fermentation substrate on a horizontal plane. Since the paddles are “twisted”, swirling is produced that mixes the substrate vertically.

This agitator is also operated by means of a frequency transformer to reduce power consumption. The paddles of the agitator (2m long} are installed at different heights, to be able to move in accordance with changing liquid levels. The agitator can be supplied with 4 paddles (secondary fermenter with non-changing level} and up to 6 paddles (repository with varying level}.


Height-adjustable immersion blender to support existing agitators for changing filling levels.

This powerful immersion blender can be installed laterally through the wall or from above through the ceiling. With large and specially shaped agitator blades and the appropriate drive power an enormous stirring effect is achieved. The rapid and rotational motion creates a cutting effect on the substrate and crushes floating substrate chunks.

For large ring-in-ring systems, the immersion blender is used to support one or more Mississippi agitators. With the height adjustment it is possible to agitate at different levels in the substrate and so improve the mixing in the container. In this way, crushed surface crusts are further dissolved and dispersed.

Another advantage of this stirring technique is the powertrain outlying. This means that the important parts outside the fermenter and thus are easy to maintain and to replace in case of need. Even a complete replacement is possible when fully operational.

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