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Additional services for your plants

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As a partner of biogas plant operators, we offer additional services in several areas related to the operation of your biogas plant.

We have been working together with qualified partners for decades and would like you to take advantage of our network, too.

Yield calculation in
flexible plant operation

We can advise you on a planned entry into direct marketing and more flexible operation of your biogas plant. Our partner creates clear time yield calculations for you and in consultation with us works out tailor-made solutions for sustainable and future-safe system operation!

Our sales department would be pleased to advise you!

Emissions measurements

We offer a “one stop service” in the field of exhaust gas measurements and formaldehyde limit value measurement. Our partner is a recognised measurement centre according §29b of the Federal Pollution Control Act which:

  • Initial and recurrent exhaust measurements
    for installations requiring approval
    by Federal Emmissions Law (TA-air)
  • recurring exhaust measurement for review
    of formaldehyde limits

Measurement technology for
air pollution control

In coordination with our customers, we coordinate emissions measurements with the measurement institute, backed up by our experienced and trained service technicians.

As an additional service, we can offer you an online site measurement for parallel monitoring to avoid unnecessary costs and to monitor a secure compliance with the required limits.

We offer all this at a fixed price, including travel costs.

Get in touch with environmental verifiers through our service employee Mr. Gröbner.

Environmental verifier

We can provide you with reliable and practical partners to check your system.

We have been working with evaluators who have supported many of our customers for years and also assess our own plant operation.

For our partners and us, customer proximity and agricultural background knowledge play a major role.

Acceptances according to
Water Resources Act (WHG) and industrial safety regulations

As certified specialist according to §62 WHG, we can provide competent experts and monitoring bodies for inspection of your system according to water legislation.

We can also recommend qualified persons to have your biogas plant accepted to the industrial safety regulations or to §29a BimSchG.

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