Gas treatment / Gas cooling

Activated carbon Gas treatment / Gas cooling


  • purified and dewatered biogas
  • Reduction of deposits in the combustion chamber due to sulfur or siloxanes
  • Avoidance of damage due to corrosion and pitting in the exhaust gas heat exchanger
  • Increased CHP availability and longer CHP service life
  • No consequential damage due to oxicate contamination
  • Extension of the oxicate service life
  • Reliable gas cooling by an efficient, temperature-controlled air conditioning unit
  • Integrated reheating of the biogas for maximum cleaning performance
  • Optimal gas purification by distribution to several tanks connected in parallel
  • uniform raw gas distribution resulting in high loading of the activated carbon filter
  • modular system, expandable, absolutely easy to maintain, no heavy lifting equipment required, up to four individual filter bags per container can be changed individually
  • several possibilities for sulfur measurement at the individual containers
  • weather-independent installation outdoors or in a hall possible
  • On-site exchange of the activated carbon filter as well as new supply is ensured !
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