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Company management:

Johann Hochreiter
Office 08074/91566-0


Uschi Krause
Office 08074/91566-12

Sales, Customer Service:

Andreas Holzner
Office 08074/91566-13

Sales, Customer Service:

Helmut Köhldorfner
Office 08074/91566-24

International Projects / International sales:

Boris Dold
Mobile 0174/30584-74

Engine technology:

Andreas Behr
Office 08074/91566-30

Engine technology and engine / exhaust gas measurement:

Sebastian Gröbner
Office 08074/91566-38

Commissioning + documentation:

Christoph Steidle
Office 08074/91566-39

Disposition Plant:

Walter Konhäuser
Office 08074/91566-46


Christine Schwärzler
Office 08074/91566-23

Scheduling, shipping, inventory management:

Jan Heistracher
Office 08074/91566-15

Scheduling, shipping, inventory management:

Klaus Pichler
Office 08074/91566-18

Finance / IT:

Michael Bierig
Office 08074/91566- 16


Bernhard Zehetmaier
Office 08074/91566- 17

Field worker:

Please contact our office by phone on 08074 / 91566-0
request contact details for the field worker in your region!

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